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The visit of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Washington from 22-26 November, 2009 as the first State Guest of President Barack Obama reaffirmed the global strategic partnership between India and the United States. President Obama’s visit to India from 6-9 November 2010, imparted further momentum to bilateral cooperation and helped establish a long-term framework for India-US global strategic partnership. President Obama characterized India-US relationship as one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century.
India-US relations have become increasingly broad based covering cooperation in areas such as trade and economic, defence and security, education, science and technology, high-technology, civil nuclear energy, space technology and applications, clean energy, environment and health. People to people interaction provide further vitality and strength to bilateral relationship. There have been regular contacts at political and official levels and a wide-ranging dialogue architecture on bilateral, regional and global issues has been put in place.

Our Vision: The USIIC aims to be the leading organisation assisting government bodies, industry associations, corporates, agents, Indian importers, and American exporters in the United States and India, in the mutually beneficial exchange of products, services and techonologies, and in forging meaningful trade partnerships through dissemination of practical and relevant information and through the creation of networking platforms.

Mission Statement: The US-India Importers’ Council acts as an Intermediary Organization to facilitate partnership and trade between Indian and American businesses, thus acting as a catalyst in promoting economic growth between the United States & India.

India – US Trade

The bilateral trade between India and US in merchandise goods has increased from modest $ 5.6 billion in 1990, to $ 48.75 billion in 2010 representing an impressive 771% growth in a span of 20 years. US exports of merchandise to India grew by 12.7% from $ 14.18 billion during Jan. - September 2010 to $ 15.99 billion in Jan. – September 2011.

India’s merchandise exports to the U.S. also grew by 24.3% from $ 22.14 billion during the period Jan. – September 2010, to $ 27.52 billion in Jan. – September 2011.

India – US Bilateral Merchandise Trade stands at $ 43.51 billion during this period.

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USIIC: US-India Importer's Council

USIIC have a group of experienced professionals, who can guide you in the getting information, importing or any other trade related matter from the US. With our affiliation to the US Counsel, we have access to factual information and resources to help you trade with US.

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Our main objective is to help MSME in importing or import related matters. All our services are towards making it easier for the Indian MSME’s to importing from US. With this focus being clearly stated in our Mission, you can expect us to offer the bets services in this area of trade.

Feasible services.

USIIC is an NGO, instituted with the objective of bridging the gap between Indian MSME’s and US Exporters. Hence our services are priced very reasonably. The details of all our Membership Packages have been mentioned ahead.

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