Mr. Milan R. Zatakia

Mr. Milan R. Zatakia

USIIC - Past Chairman & Founder Director, USIIC

Biographical Information:

Organization Name: Millennium Aero Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.,
Designation: Chairman & CEO
Industry: SME
Nature of Business: Aviation & Aerospace  |  Mining  |  Marine & Shipbuilding  |  Manufacturing & Heavy Engineering
Nationality: Indian

Concurrent  with  his  Post Graduation from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Milan founded Dynamark  Engineers  in  1982  as  a  Marketing  company  dealing  in  Specialized  Mobile  Airconditioning Equipment for Heavy Earthmoving  Machinery  for  Mines.  Whilst  the  Agency  and  Services  business considerably expanded  in  the  early  90s  to  include  Aviation  &  Aerospace  products  and  Services,  Milan simultaneously  served  on  the  Board  of Directors  of  various  family  owned  companies  with  wide  spread manufacturing interests in Rotating Machines, indigenisation programmes for the Indian Ministry of Defence, Furnishing Fabrics and Automotive Parts.

Milan has served  in  a honorary capacity on  the Transport  Air  conditioning  panel  of the  Bureau  of  Indian Standards and was invited on the Airbus empanelled ground support committee when project A3XX (now the Airbus A380) was on the drawing board in the 1990s.

Since 1996, Milan actively contributes to various Aviation Industry publications published from Europe and the Americas which include: GSE Today / Ground Support Magazine / Airport Consulting / Plane Talk.

Milan was from 2003 to mid 2016 the Honorary National Vice President of the Air Passengers Association of India (APAI) for 13 years. APAI is a non–profit organization established in Chennai in 1990 that was largely responsible for the first wave  of  Civil Aviation  reforms  in  India  (entry  of  private  airlines),

Milan was appointed by the Government of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation, to the Civil Aviation Economic Advisory Council (CAEAC) as per Government Order No:F.No.AV.13011/ 06/2010 dt.9.12.2010. He is also a Permanent Member of the National Advisory Council of Aerodrome India and Inter Airport India. 

Company Profile:

Dynamark Engineers was “Corporatised” at the turn of the Millennium (year 2000) and the marketing and services business was merged  into a new  entity Millennium  Aero  Dynamics  Pvt.  Ltd.,  who  are now  a dominant  player serving the above sectors  in  the  Indian  sub-continent  and  niche markets  of  the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and Latin America.

Millennium acquired a manufacturing entity C4 Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., in 2011 which operates as its wholly owned subsidiary providing  heavy fabrication works  at  India’s  major  Warship  production  facilities  at Mazgaon  Docks  Ltd., Mumbai, Hindustan  Shipyard  Ltd., Vishakpatnam and Cochin Shipyard  Ltd., Kochi. Products fabricated include important aggregates of Submarine Hulls, Building Dock Gates, Gantry Cranes. The  business  activity  of C4 Fabricators Pvt.  Ltd. is being merged  into Millennium Aero  Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. in the Financial Year 2016-2017.

On behalf of Millennium, Milan was felicitated by the Consulate General of the United States of America, Mumbai, India  for  special  efforts  and success  in  doing business with the United States of America. This Award was presented concurrent with President Obama’s maiden visit to India in October’ 2010.