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U.S. India Importers' Council

The U.S. India Importers’ Council (USIIC) is a non-profit organization established to bolster economic ties between the United States and India. Formed in the wake of U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic 2010 visit to India, USIIC operates in partnership with the U.S. Department of Trade & Commerce. Our mission is to support Indian SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in sourcing goods from the U.S., while also assisting American exporters and manufacturers in accessing the Indian market. USIIC serves as a vital intermediary, focusing on simplifying cross-border trade and fostering robust partnerships between Indian and American businesses, particularly in the SME sector. Through strategic collaboration and dedicated support, USIIC is committed to driving economic growth and facilitating successful trade relations between the two nations.

Message from the Chairman
Dear Members, Friends, and Well-wishers of the USIIC,
I am pleased to announce the auspicious launch of the redesigned U.S. India Importers’ Council (USIIC) website at usiic.in coinciding with the welcoming of the new Principal Commercial Officer of the US Consulate, Mr. Joe Yang and the USIIC Members Meet at the US Consulate on 7 th June 2024. Established in 2012, the US India Importer’s Council is a non profit apex bi-lateral chamber dedicated to fostering US–India business trade initiatives. As a partner with the U.S. Commercial Service under the U.S. Department of Commerce, USIIC has been actively engaged in catalyzing US–India trade, collaborating with businesses from both countries. This website is a testament to the remarkable spirit of this unique relationship. The revamped website introduces new features, facilities, and valuable information that I believe will prove immensely beneficial to you. Likewise, our new office is designed to provide dual benefits by supporting your needs within the Council and addressing your membership requirements. It is my sincere commitment that the advantages offered will empower us to assist and guide you effectively. I am confident that through this platform, we will uncover numerous opportunities to connect with potential members and key stakeholders, maximizing their contributions and resources according to their specific needs. Each of these aspects has been carefully considered, and I encourage you to optimize their utilization. I eagerly anticipate your ongoing collaboration, invaluable input, and suggestions for further enhancements to fulfill its objectives. Lastly, I express my gratitude to all our members for their unwavering support. I appreciate their commitment to continuing their support for all our initiatives in the foreseeable future.
With Best Wishes & Warm Regards
Ashish Pednekar

Chairman – USIIC

Mr. Ashish Pednekar

Key Initiatives

When our ability to choose is untrammelled, nothing prevents us from pursuing what aligns best with our ambitions.


USIIC hosts dynamic events designed for networking, showcasing industry innovations, and providing comprehensive workshops to keep professionals at the forefront of their fields.


The USITA award is a prestigious accolade that celebrates and honors the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative prowess of businesses excelling in trade and commerce along the U.S.-India trade corridor.


Joining USIIC offers unparalleled access to a network of trade professionals and resources, fostering growth through strategic partnerships and providing vital insights into the dynamic trade landscape between the United States and India.
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